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Qing Dynasty Trench Coat
  • Qing Dynasty Trench Coat

    This trench coat is inspired by the imperial robes worn during the Qing Dynasty. Here, the dragon was a symbol for imperial power and strength. This limited collection combines the staple piece gabardine as well as the chin guard and adjustable hood of the other outdoor staple piece, the anorak. These two are blended together in a mix of organic cotton and polyester which is the material which allows the dragon stamp to keep its perfect condition and hold on to the trench coat. The one meter dragon is stamped at the back through the serigraphy technique. This lengthy method is what allows the colours to stand out for as long as possible as well as remaining intact under any weather. The trench coats are made in one size as the raglan style shoulders allow the trench coat to adjust to any body type. Finally, the sleeves of the trench coat have been made so one could either take them in up to 11cm or extend them 5cm.


    The combination of all these features end in a unique piece of clothing and art which celebrates the fashion and art of the 17th C Qing Dynasty.


      300,00 €Price
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