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Ghost Trousers
  • Ghost Trousers

    These trousers include two representations of ghosts which span from differing periods of art. The ghost on the left leg is inspired by Wilhelm Werner Zimmern’s books with illustrations “Dance of Death” from the middle ages- the group of books recount stories reminding the reader how imminent death is. The books spread around Europe and gained much fame- in 1538 Hans Holbein the Younger published his own version with his own illustrations. The right leg is inspired by a depiction of a cartoon ghost made by Keith Haring in 1982. The cartoon aesthetic of the ghost (typical in his work) hides the underlying message of “safe sex” which his works had as a result of the aids epidemic. The combination of both representations reflect the representations of death through the images of ghosts, and how the underlying message barely changes. 

    • Measurements

      Waitline: 82cm

      Length: 102

    90,00 €Price
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